Welcome to the GP practice in Kaakweg

Dr. Kathrin Rehmann, MD, Dr. Bernd Rehmann, MD, and Dr. Meike Deiters, MD, Dr. Christian Nguyen Manh, MD (employed) bid you a warm welcome to their joint practice for family healthcare.

We provide you with all examinations in the field of family medicine.

The following pages should give you an overview of our practice.

We are Closed December 27th till 29th 2023!

we are represented:

  • Dres. Lückerath/Steiner, Auf dem Steinacker 1, Tel. 24510
  • Dr. Maas, Max-Born-Ring 29a, Tel. 31119
  • Dr. Durkaya-Burchhard, Hermann-Rein-Str. 2a, Tel. 374800
  • Dr. Olszewski, Hennebergstr. 14a, Tel. 31678
  • Dr. Tiedau, Holbornweg 4, Tel. 35234
  • Dr. Vlasov, Annastr. 5, Tel. 371777
  • Dr. Kabir,Ernst-Fahlbusch-Straße 30, Tel 34046


  • the emergency medical care service, Tel.: 116 117


Emergency information

In case of life-threatening illnesses, please call the emergency service at the telephone number 112.

Outside of our consulting hours please call the emergency medical care service, Tel.: 116 117.